As the name suggests, a medical assistant is an individual who is trained to assist medical professionals. Their work is to assist medical professionals in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. This job includes answering phones, manning the front desk, filing insurance forms, drawing blood, administering injections and supervising medical records as well. The Bureau of Labour predicts a 29% growth in the employment of medical assistants between 2012 and 2022. But, before committing to a career, knowing the kind of pay it offers is necessary; read further to learn about medical assistant salary.


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Reports say the median medical assistant salary was $29,370 (which amounts to $14.12 per hour) in the year 2012. The least paid 10% were estimated to earn a mean of $21,080 p.a. while the most paid 10% were estimated to bag $41,570 a year.

Medical assistant salary depends on a number of factors, one of them being the location of work. The highest paying city for medical assistants is Vallejo, located in California. Vallejo offers a medical assistant salary of $47,430, which is $18,060 higher than the median pay for the job. The second highest paying city for medical assistants is Fairbanks in Alaska. The annual wage of a medical assistant in Fairbanks is $42,520, which is $13,150 more than the median wage. Third, fourth and fifth are the cities of San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Danbury with annual salaries of $41,900, $39,830 and $39,430 respectively.

Medical assistant salary also depends on the work place. Medical assistants are required to work in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient facilities, private doctors’ offices, university hospitals and other health care facilities.


The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has two methods of breakdown of medical assistant salary: industry based and state based.

The salary of medical assistants vary according to his/her place in the industry. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics breaks down the salaries of medical assistants by industry into the following:

i. Doctors’ offices and clinics and hospitals

ii. Hospitals specializing in substance abuse and psychiatric care

iii. Dental offices

iv. Medical research and development services

v. Medical insurance industry

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics also published a report on the average salary given to medical assistants based on their state if employment.

Every career has its pros and cons. Being a medical assistant may be a challenging job to accomplish but it is one of the more noble jobs in today’s world.